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For me insurance selling was an undignified profession but it was my father Shri Sohanraj Mehta who entered this field as a insurance agent in the 70s who inspired me to enter this field. I joined him in 1981 and over a period of time I realised that this is a noble profession just as one would choose to be a doctor, advocate, solicitor or a chartered accountant. 

Since 1990, my professional life has grown by leaps and bounds. Self-development training programmes, have helped me a great deal due to which I am able to give the best of personalized services to my valued clients. 

With information technology simplifying various aspects of client servicing, I have been able to provide my clients with the best of computerized servicing from 1990. This includes web-based technology that enables viewing complete insurance records by merely punching a few keys at the convenience of their homes.

The following are some of my achievements:
  • Last 15 years carorepati agent
  • MDRT for 12 consecutive years 1997 - 2009
  • Corporate Club Member for last 5 years
  • COT/TOT continue for last 5 years
  • Name appeared in the merit list in the branch, division as well as in central level
  • Completed TOT in March 2009 and rank 13 in All invdia level on premium basic


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