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Plan No. 933
  • Jeevan Lakshya is the ideal plan to protect your goals & needs as this plan offers the regular income to the family in case of an unfortunate event
  • In case of any unfortunate event premium ceases & Annual Income Benefit is paid to the family every year till maturity which is 10% of Sum Assured. On Maturity, 110% of Sum Assured is paid along with vested Bonus & final bonus, if any
  • The benefits under this plan are tax-free
  • This plan has an option of choosing the Accidental Life cover, Disability Benefit & Critical illness cover
  • This plan also has the option of taking the Maturity proceeds in instalments as the policy-holder can choose the no of year as 5, 10 or 15.
  • In a similar way, the policyholder also has the option of choosing the death benefit in instalments
  • LIC also offer the discount in the premium in case the mode of payment is Yearly
  • The loan is also available to the policyholder after the completion of 1 year of the policy
How Does This Policy Work
Sample illustration
Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 18 Years (Last Birthday) 50 Years (Nearer Birthday)
Policy Term 13 Years 25 Years
Premium Payment Term Policy Term - 3 Years
Basic Sum Assured Rs.1 Lac No Limit
Maximum Maturity Age 65 Years (Nearer Birthday)
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