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Top mutual funds to create a retirement corpus of ₹2 crore


I am 37 years old working professional. I have never invested in mutual funds before. I want to start investing in mutual funds for my retirement. I have an aggressive risk profile for next 15 years at least. I can invest 30,000-40,000 per month towards my retirement. Which are the best mutual funds to invest for my retirement. I want to build a corpus of at least 2 crore by the time I turn 60. Is it possible.?

-- Ameya Tripathi

By Dinesh Rohira, Founder & CEO, 5inance.com

You have rightly identified your investment goals which are aligned with retirement. The risk-profile which you have identified as aggressive is the one which you have perceived by yourself and it can differ from actual result. Therefore, it is imperative to do proper risk-profiling before making any investment decision to suit your needs. As you have identified the amount and duration to invest on a monthly basis, it is recommended to invest via SIP mode being a new investor.

The recommended schemes are Axis Bluechip Fund (30%), DSP Midcap Fund (25%), Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund (25%), and SBI Small Cap Fund (20%).

Source : Live Mint

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